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4 Gluten Free Apps To Download Today

As tricky as living with Celiac Disease is, there is technology that can help relieve some of the stress involved in knowing what to eat.

These 4 apps have really helped me find gluten free food near me. The amazing thing is that most of these apps have a Celiac community built into them. Some of these apps let you read reviews left by fellow celiac’s about their experience.

Here are 4 gluten free apps that are free to download and use and will help tremendously in keeping to a gluten free lifestyle.

1. Gluten Free Scanner

Did you just get diagnosed with Celiac Disease? Then you need to download this app right away. Or maybe you have a relative or friend who has celiac disease, well, this is a great app for you too.

When you are shopping for ingredients in the grocery store and aren't sure if something is gluten free because it's not clearly labeled, this app can help give you the answer in seconds.

With the app open on your phone, simply hold the barcode of the food product up to your phone’s camera. The app uses the camera on your phone to read the barcode of that product which then pulls it up from its database and tells you if the product of the barcode scanned:

  • is gluten free

  • has no gluten-containing ingredients

  • may contain wheat

  • or contains gluten

In addition, the app also gives you a warning if there is no information from the manufacturer about cross-contamination. It can also inform you whether or not the food has been processed on equipment shared with gluten.

The Gluten Free Scanner app also allows you to search through the database by a products name. Enter the name of the brand or product name in the search bar and t