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Gluten Free Guide to Italy

A Celiac's Culinary Journey through Italy including Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Florence.

In Italy, indulging in celiac-safe delights like pizza, pasta, tiramisu, croissants, and gelato is a breeze!

Italy, A Paradise for Gluten-Free Foodies

Italy warmly embraces gluten-free options, making it a haven for celiacs.

In major cities, gluten-free restaurants abound, thanks to the government's proactive legislation mandating gluten-free provisions in schools and offering stipends for Celiacs to offset higher food costs.

The heightened awareness of Celiac Disease in Italy means more restaurants can make accommodations, boast separate gluten-free kitchens, or even operate as 100% gluten-free establishments.

Navigating the Culinary Landscape

When packing for my trip, I included gluten free snacks like GoMacro Protein Bars, New Primal Classic Cut Beef Meat Sticks, and other non perishable gluten free snacks that I knew would hold me over on the flights to and from Italy.

But when we were traveling around the country of Italy, we were able to easily find many gluten free food options.

In fact, in the big cities like Rome and Florence we were able to find many 100% gluten free restaurants within a walking distance from where we were staying.

Using the Find Me Gluten Free App proved invaluable in locating gluten-free eateries.

The app's standout feature, indicating 100% gluten-free establishments, guided my dining choices.

The quality of gluten-free food in Italy surpassed my expectations.

Fluffy bread, delectable pizza, and forbidden treats like chocolate-filled croissants left a lasting impression.

Too add, I haven't had a croissant since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which was over 5 years ago. So that was a pretty amazing and memorable part of my trip.

Plus, we were traveling with my friend who does not have to follow a gluten free diet and she swore that she couldn’t even tell the difference.

Exploring Rome's Gluten-Free Delights

Our first stop during our trip to Italy was Rome. Unfortunately, our trip got cut short due to flight delays, but we still got to enjoy one day in the city! 

Once settled into our Airbnb, our first stop was to Le Altre Farine Del Mulino. Nestled within walking distance from the Vatican, this gem on the main road was a gluten-free haven.

Picture this: an entire bakery devoted to gluten-free delights, perfect for those with celiac concerns.

Every pastry tasted as heavenly as traditional treats, and the highlight for me was the cream-filled croissant – delicate, buttery, flaky, and unbelievably fresh.

It was a dream come true after five years of longing! I would HIGHLY recommend making a visit to Le Altre Farine Del Mulino if you are traveling to Rome. 

Fueling up after our journey, we embarked on a Vatican and Sistine Chapel tour, a breathtaking experience despite the bustling crowds (even in the supposed off-season of October).

Post-tour, we savored a gluten-free feast at La Soffitta Renovatio, an AIC (Italian Celiac Association) member with an abundance of gluten-free options, including delectable pizzas and pastas.

Our takeaway pizza boasted a fresh, light, and crispy crust – a true culinary delight.

While time constraints prevented us from exploring all the gluten-free gems, there are noteworthy establishments we missed but are entirely gluten-free:

  • Gelateria dell’Angeletto: Indulge in gluten-free gelato and cones.

  • La Pasticciera: A gluten-free bakery.

  • Pandali’: A gluten-free bakery and cafe.

  • New Food Gluten Free - Ponte Sisto: A gluten-free bakery.

  • Risotteria Melotti: A gluten-free restaurant.

  • Polpetta Gluten Free: Another gluten-free restaurant.

  • New Food Experience: Yet another gluten-free restaurant.

  • Celiachiamo Lab: A specialty store and bakery.

  • El Maiz - Venezuela Street Food: Dive into gluten-free arepas and empanadas.

Overall, Rome was a good experience. I do wish that I had more time in the city to explore other gluten free restaurants. If you're planning a gluten-free trip to Rome, make sure to budget extra time, because the city's rich with both history and celiac-safe delights!

Savoring the Amalfi Coast

Our next stop in Italy was to the Amalfi Coast which was filled with lots of pizza, desserts, limoncello spritz, and beautiful views. 

We stayed in the charming town of Minori during our time in the coast, which is about a 50-minute bus ride to the iconic Positano.

Minori has colorful painted houses, made an ideal base for exploring the coastline, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of restaurants and beach clubs.

Gluten free options were harder to come by down here in Amalfi, but they were still possible to find.


We were staying right next to Sal De Riso which is a local gem. Nestled against stunning vistas, this spot not only offered a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian choices but also boasted remarkable views from the restaurant.

The gluten free menu included pizza and pasta as well as some of the desserts. The Amalfi pizza, adorned with Provolone cheese, ham, lemon carpaccio, buffalo Stracciatella cheese, fresh ginger, and olive oil, became the highlight of our first night.

The seafood salad was a burst of freshness, and the gluten-free desserts from Sal De Riso were simply irresistible.

On the second day, our adventure continued with a breathtaking boat trip along the coast to Positano.

We explored the colorful streets and decided to stop and have lunch at the scenic Hotel Buca Di Bacco.

With its stunning views and a menu featuring delightful gluten-free options, like the seafood risotto, our meal perfectly complemented the coastal beauty surrounding us.

 This stop of our trip was undoubtedly the most beautiful location we visited. If I could do it all over again, I would opt to stay a few days longer to explore the beautiful coast and the charming towns some more.

Florence, A Foodie Haven

By far the best city for food during our trip to Italy was Florence. Florence was our final stop during our week-long trip to Italy. 

Everything we ate in Florence was from a dedicated gluten free facility and we found just about everything from pastries, pasta, calamari, chicken nuggets, Pad Thai, sandwiches, gluten free bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, ceviche and cake.

The first night, we went to Sgrano, which is 100% gluten free restaurant and has small bites, charcuterie boards, bruschetta, paninis, gluten free beer and plenty of desert options.

The gluten free bread exceeded expectations and was so fresh and warm. Sgrano has both a sit down option and a to-go window during certain hours. 

The next day for breakfast, we stopped by Cortese Cafe 900 which is a raw, vegan and gluten free bakery. We grabbed an array of pastries and some fresh coffee to start the day.

For lunch, we discovered one of our favorite restaurants during our trip at Ristorante Quinoa, another 100% gluten free restaurant in the city.

They offer a good range of dishes from classic Italian dishes. From fresh baked bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, Bruschetta, Pad Thai, chicken nuggets, gnocchi.

The experience was so delightful that we found ourselves returning for dinner, indulging in pesto pasta, calamari, and ceviche.

To crown our Florentine odyssey, we stumbled upon a wine wall that became my sister's favorite memory of the trip.

Florence not only tantalized our taste buds but also offered a feast for the senses, making it the culinary pinnacle of our Italian adventure.

Italy Gluten Free Food Experience Recap

In hindsight, Florence emerged as the ultimate destination for gluten-free foodies.

The abundance of 100% gluten-free restaurants, coupled with the wine wall discovery, made it an unforgettable culinary experience.

While some closures on Sundays limited our exploration, we didn't miss out on Florence's gluten-free culinary treasures.

Reflecting on our broader Italian exploration, the abundance of gluten-free options added an extra layer of joy to our journey.

Italy, with its rich culinary tapestry, proved to be a delightful playground for those with dietary restrictions.

From dedicated gluten-free facilities to the unexpected wine wall in Florence, every moment was a celebration of flavor and discovery.


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