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Freshly Gluten Free Meal Delivery Service

This is the easiest gluten free meal delivery service I have used so far!

Freshly provides delicious, chef-prepared certified gluten free meals delivered right to your door. This is the perfect meal delivery service for anyone who is in a crunch for time, yet, is conscience about eating a healthy diet.

I was first recommended to Freshly from one of my co-workers, who is not gluten free, but who had been enjoying Freshly for months because of the taste and convenience.

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These meals are cheaper and healthier than take-out and don't break the bank compared to other delivery services.

Pack these for lunch or enjoy them for dinner on busy days. No work is involved on your end, except popping the dish in the microwaving and heat up per the instructions provided on the back.

How To Order

Ordering from Freshly is super easy. Here's how you do it:

  • Visit Freshly.com

  • Enter your email and zip code to make sure they can ship to you

  • Choose how many meals you prefer to receive in a week. Pick between 4 - 12 meals

  • Pick the day of the week you want your food delivered (this is another advantage of Freshly, most meal deliveries are already preset and cannot be customized!)

  • Select your meals in advance

  • Enter your billing and shipping information

  • Wait for your food to arrive

Allergy Friendly & Health Conscience

Freshly has a rotating menu with tons of options. Again, these are ALL certified gluten free, so you don't have to worry about picking something that might make you sick. If you have additional allergies, icons let you which meals are either free of dairy or soy as well.