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Starbucks Coffee - Is It Gluten Free or Not?

After I posted a boomerang of myself drinking a Starbucks coffee on my instagram, I received this direct message on instagram that really got me thinking, is Starbucks Coffee safe to drink?

I have been enjoying Starbucks ever since I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and have only encountered problems when I ordered drinks that contain their syrups. So, obviously I have learned to avoid those and continued to enjoy my cup of joe from Starbucks by only ordering very simple drinks.

But after I posted a selfie of my coffee getting me though a tough workday, I received a message asking me "You don't get sick from Starbucks?!" Looking into if Starbucks was gluten free or not lead me down a rabbit hole. So, if you are gluten free and have been wondering this for yourself, read on.

If you google "is Starbuck safe for Celiac" some of the first articles that come up are for what is gluten free at Starbucks.

(Here are the links if you are interested!)

Here is a chart from Very Well Fit on what is gluten free at Starbucks.

Gluten Free:

  • Plain coffee, espresso, or tea

  • Unflavored latter or cappuccino