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The Tastiest Gluten Free S'mores

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Let's face it, who can resist a classic campfire treat like s'mores? But for those of us following a gluten-free lifestyle, the traditional graham crackers can be a major buzzkill. Fear not, my fellow gluten-free friends! We're making s'mores fun again, all while keeping it 100% gluten-free.

Building the Perfect Gluten-Free S'more

We all know the magic trio of a perfect s'more: the base, the fluff, and the chocolate. But with a gluten-free twist, things get even more exciting! Let's break down the delicious trinity of a gluten-free s'more:

The Base

Forget the hunt for specialty crackers. There are so many choices nowadays for delicious gluten-free graham cracker options! My current obsession is Simple Mills Honey Cinnamon Seed & Nut Flour Sweet Thins. These little gems are packed with flavor and hold their own perfectly against melty marshmallows. But if you're craving something more classic, Kinnikinnick Graham Crackers and Schar Gluten-Free Honeygrams are fantastic options too.

The Fluff

 Marshmallows are naturally gluten-free, but always be sure to double-check the label. Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are a staple in my pantry, and they're perfect for roasting over a fire or using in baking.

The Chocolate

This is where things get exciting! While a classic Hershey's bar is always a crowd-pleaser, why not explore some amazing gluten-free chocolate options? LOVO Coconutmilk Chocolate is a decadent dairy-free choice.

Now that we have our gluten-free s'mores arsenal, let's talk fire!

If you're short on space or live in an apartment, a tabletop fire pit is a fantastic option. Solo Stove makes a great Smokeless Fire Pit that's perfect for creating that campfire ambiance on your balcony or patio. They even have a Smores Maker Kit that includes roasting sticks and a handy little s'mores tray. Plus, this fireplace makes a great aesthetic when not making s'mores and can be used indoors or outdoors.

So there you have it, my friends! Gluten-free s'mores are easy to make, make a fun activity and are just as delicious (if not more!) than the originals. Gather your friends and family, light your fire (or fire pit!), and get ready for a night of fabulous, gluten-free fun. Remember, with a little creativity, you can enjoy all your favorite treats, no restrictions necessary!


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