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Oceans and Earth

20305 Yorba Linda Boulevard
Yorba Linda, CA, 92886

(714) 970-7027

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Bread, Flatbread, Tacos, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries, Nachos, Seafood, Steak, Desserts, Steak


Oceans & Earth is a 100% gluten-free restaurant located in Yorba Linda, California. This establishment is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for those with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes a variety of dishes, all prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Oceans & Earth places a strong emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine, ensuring high-quality, seasonal offerings.

All breads, sauces, and dressings are prepared in-house, maintaining strict gluten-free standards. The menu features a wide selection of dishes, including popular items such as fish and chips, poke, and cornbread, catering to various tastes while remaining entirely gluten-free. 

The restaurant's cozy and modern atmosphere, complemented by ocean-themed decor, provides a pleasant dining environment for patrons. Oceans & Earth is known for its commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that all menu items are free from gluten. The restaurant provides a welcoming environment with attentive service, making it a popular choice for those seeking a gluten-free dining option.

Operating hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with the restaurant closed on Sundays and Mondays.


I'm Nicole

I started this blog after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. After struggling to adjust to a mandatory gluten free diet, I wanted to create a resource for others trying to learn their way around this gluten filled world.

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**This menu was taken from my experience & may have changed since my visit or vary by location. Check with the restaurant prior to your visit by viewing the menu posted on their website or by calling ahead of time. Always be sure to communicate any food allergies you have with your waiter(es) during your visit.

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