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10 Facts About Celiac Disease

1. New Research Shows That You Can Develop Celiac Disease at Any Age

New research shows that you can develop celiac disease at any age.⁠ ⁠ Celiac disease was previously thought to have begun in childhood. However, new research shows that it can still develop later in life, even if somebody has previously tested negative for celiac disease. ⁠ ⁠ A two-part study conducted in 1974 and 1989 analyzed blood markers in 3,500 individuals. In 1974, 219 of these individuals had blood markers of celiac disease, but those numbers increased to 501 individuals showing blood markers for celiac in 1989. ⁠

Alessio Fasano, MD, director of the University of Maryland's School of Medicine Center for Celiac Research states that "if somebody tested negative for celiac disease at age 50, and then develops symptoms at age 65, test them again because you can develop gluten intolerance at any age."⁠

In Web WD's article "Celiac Disease Can Develop at Any Age", it states that these research findings "may open up some new avenues for future research by allowing the investigators to work backward and determine how people can tolerate gluten for so many years, and then develop celiac disease."⁠

In addition, to this new evidence that shows the disease can develop at any age in life, the prevalence of celiac disease has increased by fivefold over the last 30 years.⁠

This may indicate that outside factors such as food supply or environment could be in play when it comes to why we are losing our tolerance to gluten.

2. Approximately 20% of People With Celiac Disease Are Asymptomatic

Approximately 20% of people with celiac disease are asymptomatic, meaning they don't experience any external symptoms at all. However, everyone with celiac disease is still at risk for long term complications.

3. Makeup Might Contribute to Celiac Disease Symptoms

Makeup might contribute to Celiac Disease symptoms.

4. Celiac Disease Is One of the Most Common GI Disorders, Yet Receives the Lowest Amount of Research Dollars