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Discovering I Have Celiac Disease

How did you find out that you have celiac disease or A gluten intolerance?

Here's the story of how I discovered that I have Celiac Disease. October will mark three years from the first doctor's appointment that led me to my diagnosis.

I am so thankful that I was diagnosed and was able to start treating the disease instead of continuing to mask my symptoms.

Discovering I have Celiac Disease - My Today

This is one of the most recent pictures of me. Here I am living with Celiac Disease and thriving. After discovering my disease and treating it by going on a gluten free diet, I have never felt better!

I wanted to share my story to help others who may be scared to ask for medical advice take the first step by beginning the conversation with their medical provider if they think something is wrong with them.

I had been suffering from multiple symptoms that had progressively gotten worse over time. I had finally reached a point where I realized - this is not normal. My symptoms seemed to keep getting worse no matter what I did.

Looking back after I was diagnosed, and now know the different symptoms that are related to Celiac Disease, I would say that I probably had symptoms throughout my childhood, but I really began to notice signs of the disease when I was in college. That was four years before I made that doctors appointment that led me to my diagnosis.

Before Being Diagnosed With Celiac Disease

Here is me on graduation day from college. It was on this campus that I truly began to wonder what was going on with my body. I was living with the disease but had no idea about it.

I can vividly remember walking from to my car after my classes and thinking to myself, something was wrong with me. I just felt so drained, fatigued, and I was suffering from brain fog. It was as if I was not entirely there. But, I did nothing a