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Because Beyonce... Living With Celiac Explained in Beyonce Memes

So I watched homecoming last night and got a little carried away with these Beyonce memes.

Ready? Here we go...

1. When you accidentally eat a little gluten and get a little moody...

Oops. The gluten made me do it, I promise.

2. How it feels your first month trying to switch to a gluten free diet...

The struggle is real.

3. When I get weird looks for asking for gluten-free food in public...

We're not trying to be annoying, I promise! We are just trying to protect our bodies and stay healthy!

4. The difference you feel when you follow a strict gluten-free diet...

That gluten-free glow though.

5. But I am so thankful for all the gluten free pizza options because I always have pizza on the mind...

All the gluten free ladies... (and gentlemen)

Alright folks, that' all.

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